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How to change Services Account values


Please share a method or command to change the service account values in the cluster.

While installing HDP 2.6.3, I have used the value for Smoke user as "ambari-qa" and value for Ambari metrics user as "ams", but I want to change it to "ambariqa" and "amshdp". Is there any command or method to change the value of service account?

HDP version - 2.6.3

Ambari Version -

Thanks in advance.



While installing services, either in 4th or 5th step where you can modify your parameters, there you will have MISC tab which you can define your own service account name.

Hope this helps you.

Cloudera Employee

Hi! I just found out this works for HDP 2.x. In HDP 3.x the helper file is now It has a different set of arguments.


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