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How to change default HDP installation directories


How to change default HDP installation directories

New Contributor

My machine has 200G disk space in total but only close to 10g under the / directory. I keep getting errors that says "needs xx MB in the / file system" when installing HDP via Ambari. Is it possible to change the default HDP installation directories to other than the "/" directory ?


Re: How to change default HDP installation directories

Super Mentor

@Zaili Xu

As mentioned here:

Ambari and HDP are installed via RPM files. Those RPMs do not support specifying an alternative install location (default location for HDP install is "/usr/hdp"). Your best option is probably to use symbolic links to another location. Means you can try to create a Symlink for "/usr/hdp" to another mount point. (But this will be just a workaround)

Or else it is better to make sure that "/" has enough space. Please refer to the Operating System tools to know how to increase the sapce of the root partition:



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