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How to change nodemanager pid directory?


how can I change the path directory? right now it is in /tmp/ but I want it to change it to /data/tmp/ because the /tmp is now in full capacity? May i know how I can change it?



hi @stevenmatison maybe you are familiar on this?

@Mondi you would need to manually change it in the configuration.   I checked out ambari and it should be YARN PID Dir Prefix /var/run/hadoop-yarn and its not editable.   In the yarn-env template you can override it manually.  Search "yarn_pid_dir" in the config:


Screen Shot 2020-06-23 at 8.32.49 AM.png



I might also suggest to make sure your /tmp partitions are big enough before installing.  Another trick is to move /tmp to a larger partition by symlink.   Like this:


mv /tmp /tmpOldPartition
mkdir /data/tmp
ln -s /data/tmp /tmp



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Steven @ DFHZ


Hi Steven, i'm using Cloudera CDH 6.3, how can I check it here via Cloudera Manager?

@Mondi finding the value should be similar.  Go into Yarn config and search for "pid" or "".  You could also search for "/tmp" since you may need to change all of the instances to /data/tmp .    If there are many configs using /tmp and /tmp is too small,  I suggest my other idea to make sure /tmp is really on a larger disk partition.  Make sure /data/tmp and original /tmp have the same permissions too.

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