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How to compile ambari2.5 from soucecode?


When I try to compile ambari2.5 from soucecode, it failed becasue the jar could not be downloaded. For example, in the pom.xml of ambari-metrics-timelineservice, it need jar as following, how to download them?




Then, I try to change version, hadoop version to 2.7.1 phoenix.version to 4.4.0 hbase.version to 1.1.2, there are some new problems coming.

Who can build from sourcecode?

Help, please.

Thank you for your time.



You can find these dependencies in HDP maven repos, please look at the following


I have try to download jars from, but it failed. Errors as following : (

404 - Path /org/apache/hadoop/hadoop-auth/ not found in group repository "Public Repositories" [id=public].

Path /org/apache/hadoop/hadoop-auth/ not found in group repository "Public Repositories" [id=public].


@frank chen try the following and change the rest of the dependencies to the same build version



HI Artem Ervits,

I know why not to download jar from hortonworks now !

I found the hortonworks would deny some ip request, after I change the IP, it is okay now.

Thank you!

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