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How to connect yarn web UI from remote machine

How to connect yarn web UI from remote machine

New Contributor

I could connect CM from a remote machine, <ip>:7180, but I can not connect the resource manager web <ip>:8088.

How to set up my configure so that I can connect from my remote machine


Re: How to connect yarn web UI from remote machine

Super Mentor

What is the value set for the "yarn.resourcemanager.webapp.address" in your Yarn config?


Also can you please verify couple of things:

1. What is the if you are hitting the correct IP Address and Port in which the Yarn RM is listening?  (On RM Host)



# ps -ef | grep org.apache.hadoop.yarn.server.resourcemanager.ResourceManager
# netstat -tnlpa | grep $PID_OF_RESOURCE_MANAGER



Also please verify if the "iptables" / "firewalld" service is disabled on the RM host.

2. (On the machine where Web Browser is running)  Please check if you are able to access the IP and the Port listed in the above output?



# telnet  $IP_ADDRESS_RM  8088
# nc -v  $IP_ADDRESS_RM  8088




3. There may be some proxy issue from browser side as well so in order to isolate any such issue please try to make the CURL call from the host where you are running the browser to see if the requests are being passed via any N/W proxy? Or what is the response?



# curl -iLv http://$IP_OF_RM:8088




Please share the output so that we can understand if there is anything wrong.