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How to create a lookup based on Hive query result?

How to create a lookup based on Hive query result?


Hello all,

I'm trying to pass an attribute value (${new_filename}) and compare it to the hive table results like select * from table where filename=${new_filename}. If first lookup succeeds then the check if an HDFS directory exists, if first lookup fails then put file in another directory.

For now I have ListHDFS->FetchHDFS->UpdateAttribute (to get the ${new_filename})-> SelectHIVE (select * from table where filename=${new_filename}).

Now, will the SelectHIVE result in a failure relationship if the condition is not met?

And also, do I need to create ConvertAvroToJSON->SplitJson->EvaluateJSONPath->ReplaceText ?

How to check if a directory with that ${new_filename} exists in HDFS ?

I appreciate any help I can get.


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