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How to create alert from ambari metric data

Expert Contributor

I use ambari 2.x and hdp

I use flume,the metric has the flume channel size metric data,but not alerts about it,so I want to add an alert to it ,but I could not found the alert of it.

So, Is there a easy way to add an alert from mertic data??


Super Mentor

@darkz yu

There are only limited set of predefined alerts available with ambari, However if you want to have your own custom alert the ambari provides an option to the users to created their own custom ambari alerts.

One such example you can find in one of my article:

However you will need to write the python script/logic to get the desired data and it should return CRITICAL/WARN/OK kind of responses when invoked based on the conditions that you want to add.


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@Jay SenSharma The url you post is how to create an alert.

But I also want to how to get the flume metric easily through python.

I had read the api of ambari and python-ambariclint,but few content of how to get flume metric data.