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How to create configuration files on Zookeeper to make new Solr collection using Python code?

New Contributor

I have created a new collection in Solr using the HUE web interface and I am able to insert the data for existing collections into Solr using Python code and the Solr API.

But I would like to create a new Solr collection using Python code, for which it requires that the configuration files should be existing in Zookeeper beforehand.

Could you please assist on how to create these configuration files in Zookeeper, preferably using Python?


Super Collaborator

Cloudera search provide an utility for administrating Solr (solrctl).


One of the command purpose is to upload a "collection configuration files" into zookeeper.

"instancedir --create"

New Contributor

Thanks for quick response. Your answer is fine, but I am looking something specific for python-spark code.