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How to create model for hive_column type in Apache atlas?

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Hi Everyone,


Three years ago,I was started exploration of Apache atlas. I remember, I had received very well response from all community members. Hoping this time you guys will help me.

Recently , i got an assignment which requires customization in atlas tool.


Use case: I have written set of data profiler such as ( For calculation of Null count,Blank count,Unique count  on hive tables)  which generates "profile summary" table in hive with final results as below.


Profile summary hive table:



Am looking for solution ,where i can push my profiled information against each column in apache altas. For that purpose i need to create hive_column type model with some extra attributes such Null count:30,blank count:40,unique count:70 etc.

Has anyone having idea for the same?

Please suggest me ,along with one example,if you have?

Thanks in advance.