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How to create tables in parquet files? Why the bad performance on Hive?


How to create tables in parquet files? Why the bad performance on Hive?

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I have configured an hortownworks 2.6 cluster with Ambari, with 4 nodes. The nodes were configured as node 1 and 2 as masters woth 4 and 8 cores, and 8 and 16GB of RAM and 2 slaves with the same characteriscs. Now i wanted to perform a TPCH Benchmark for 10GB of data on HIVE TEZ, for this i am using Hive-testbench ( By default this creates hive tables in ORC format, but i wanted to generate in PARQUET (with the command FORMAT=parquet ./ 10), when i created with default orc it created a database named tpch_flat_orc_10, with parquet generation, a hive database is created with the same name as the orc generation. The database shouldnt be something like tpch_flat_parquet_10?

Another question, when configuring ambari masters and slaves, i stick with the recommended defaults, being namenode on node 1 and and SNameNode on node 2, node 3 and node 4 were considered slaves, each one having a data node. But my map reduce jobs are too slow (time frezees for some seconds and then it resumes). For better performance, should i add datanodes instances to master nodes 1 and 2? Or ist a configuration/memory allocation problem?

In terms of configuration parameters in ambari i have:

For HDFS :

-NameNode Java heap size: 1GB;

-DataNode maximum Java heap size:1gb

-DataNode max data transfer threads:4096MB

-NameNode Server threads

For yarn:

ResourceManager and Node manager Java heap size:1024MB

Memory allocated for all YARN containers on a node: 12288

Maximum Container Size (Memory):4096

For MapReduce 2:

Map Memory: 2gb

Reduce Memory:2gb


Sort Allocation Memory 2GB;

For hive:

Tez Container Size:2048MB

For Map Join, per Map memory threshold: 546.1mb

Data per Reducer:64MB

Default ORC Stripe Size:64mb

Client Heap Size:1024MB

Metastore Heap Size:1024MB

HiveServer2 Heap Size:1024

Im sorry for the long POST, can you give me some hints to improve mapreduce jobs performs.


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