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How to create user in LDAP to sync with Ambari and Ranger ?

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I am using Hortonworks Data cloud on AWS. I have created cluster with one master node and one worker node, each having 15 GB memory. I want to sync cluster user with Ambari and Ranger. I have installed LDAP on cluster master node by following this tutorial. After that I installed and configured the phpldapadmin for LDAP user management in UI, but unable to open the phpldapadmin UI. After some research came to know that we can create LDAP user/group using ldif file. I tried some solution but it didn't work for me.

I am new to LDAP. Can anyone help me to create LDAP user and sync it with ambari and ranger.

Thank You.


@heta desai For LDAP perhaps you could use an install + configuration script like this one: link

If you check the script you will see how users are being created.

As fas as configuring Ranger you need to follow the documentation steps: link

For Ambari you need to follow the appropriate configuration as well: link


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