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How to do control shutdown and startup for a Master server


We are planning to replace the faulty cache battery on the master server.Currently, in our set up HA is configured but except for Resource manager HA & Hbase HA. Also planning to configure the RM & Hbase HA in the HA node during this window.what is the best way of doing the shutdown and startup of the master server.

Attaching the master and HA server components.Please guide what is the best way to do this activity.



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Thanks for your comment.But after the activity ,HA configurations and cluster Restart the jobs were not starting in the master machine and entry automatically went wrong in the /etc/hosts and after some time i ran the jobs in the HA node after moving the master services to HA . now port also not listening to the IP address in the master.


I have completed the activity successfully.

1) First we configured Hbase Master -Hmaster and restarted Hbase services fully in the cluster. 2) Then configured Resource manager HA and verified the configuration stopping and starting of all the services. 3) Made down the master node after keeping in maintenance mode and verified the HA setup ,so HA namenode,RM and Hbase master acted as Active. 4) Server made down for master 5) Cache battery replaced 6) After making up system health was still degraded and we did some trouble shooting . while rebooting the server then press F10 intelligent provision- then click storage tab then actions then configure and finally enable the cache manager. 7) Verified the system health status is ok or not and amber light also gone. 😎 Made up the h2im-mas services and turned off the maintenance mode . 9) Also checked the failover again by stopping the HA services and now all services as active in the master and standby in HA. (note- we can also do the failover through command line )

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