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How to do the Hot fix deployment for the nifi-famework generated war file

New Contributor

Can anyone suggest how to do the hot fix deployment for the nifi-famework generated war file.

I would like to make some css and js changes in nifi-web-ui under the nifi-nar-bundles and want the new build should be copied automatically each time i do the changes , to my nifi-assembly/target/...(parent directory).

Is there a way for an auto deployment, without doing the maven build everytime which is consuming a lot of time and how my latest changes can be reflected everytime without doing the build

I am trying to copy from





Cloudera Employee

You should be able to build only the nifi-web-ui module by navigating to the "nifi-nar-bundles/nifi-framework-bundle/nifi-framework/nifi-web/nifi-web-api" directory and running 'mvn clean install -T4 -DskipTests' from this directory. The maven settings -T4 sets the number of threads used by maven to 4, and -DskipTests will skip all tests (tests can be time consuming). Then copy your new .war to nifi-assembly and restart NiFi. This should speed up the process a bit.

New Contributor

In this scenario too i am still doing the the nifi maven build everytime, is there an other way where i can build the changes automatically and move to my nifi assembly. Because even if i do a small change in UI i have to build the whole package again and which takes 10-15 minutes everytime. I would like to build and deploy changes automatically rather then creating a new war everytime... any suggestion would be appr

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