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How to enable TRACE or DEBUG logging for balancer utility




Is there a way to increase the logging to TRACE or DEBUG for re-balance utility?

I tried to change /etc/hadoop/conf/ without any success.


I am having problems with balancer utility and i would like to see more logging.


The related problem is : this


Master Guru

If you use CM -> HDFS -> Actions -> Rebalance to run your Balancer command, then change it in CM -> HDFS -> Configuration -> Java Configuration Options for Balancer, appending the value '-Droot.logger=TRACE,console' to it.


If you run it via CLI instead, then invoke it this way:



~> export HADOOP_BALANCER_OPTS="-Droot.logger=TRACE,console"
~> hdfs balancer



Where the HDFS balancer logs are stored.

Cloudera Employee

Under process directory as below.