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How to enable terminal access to HDP Sandbox after making changes to the docker container?

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I have added some libraries and updated some software on the HDP Sandbox container, so clients can test new functionality of our product without getting their infrastructure teams involved. That works fine, but what I'm encountering now, is once the containers with the changes made have come up, the VM hosting the container is inaccessible. I can ssh from my terminal to the container, but can no longer access the terminal of the VM via virtualbox or the web shell that was accessible prior to committing changes to the docker container.


hmmm changing settings in /var/lib/pgsql/data/postgresql.conf seems to work.

max conncetions 100 >10

max memory from 32MB to 24MB

my server has 24GB RAM docker host is on ubuntu linux

now HDP start as expecteed (takes some time though)

@glupu Any thoughts?

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@Brandon Kirkland


What do you mean by 'unable to access the VM'? From what I read on your initial post ( adding in extra functionality ) I'm guessing you might be maxing out the memory of the machine which would explain the weird functionality.