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How to expose Spark History UI with Knox in HDP 2.6.5?

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I needed to expose the Spark History with Knox in HDP 2.6.5 and find out this is not included by Ambari in the default topology. I found some old references on this forum which may be valid for older versions, but refer to a service definition named "SPARKUI" which is not present with Knox 0.12.0 installed in HDP 2.6.5:

By looking under "/usr/hdp/current/knox-server/data/services" I found out the Spark History UI service definition at "sparkhistoryui/1.4.0/service.xml" and this showed me the current name for the Knox service is "SPARKHISTORYUI".

So I included this in my topology definition:

Knox_SparkHistoryUI_Blank_Screenshot  <service>

Then when I access the Knox URL "" I reach to the Spark History UI, but most of the page is blank and Firefox Inspector I get a lot of "404 Not Found" errors as shown in the attached screenshot.

Based on the logs this seems to be related with some missing and/or wrong pattern definitions in the rewrite.xml file for the service. So what are the needed fixes and configurations to make Spark History UI work with Knox in HDP 2.6.5??



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First of all if you want the quick solution look at this:

I managed to solve this my own way, before finding the previous response; so I'm keeping my soluiton in case the information is useful to someone else facing the same problem.

The original "/sparkhistoryui/1.4.0/rewrite.xml" has an extensive but incomplete list of rewrite rules for files under "/static/*" subfolder, starting with these at line 41. Following the example in the rewrite.xml from the working "HDFSUI" service I replaced all these with the single "catch-all" rule:

  <rule dir="OUT" name="SPARKHISTORYUI/sparkhistory/outbound/static" pattern="/static/{**}">
    <rewrite template="{$frontend[url]}/sparkhistory/static/{**}"/>

After this all the "404 Not Found" under static where solver, but I still have an error for the following URL:

I tried to solve this by adding a rule for the "/api/v1/applications/{**}" pattern but this didn't work

Searching the web I found some comments in a bug report (JIRA KNOX-1160) related to Knox and the SparkHistoryUI service plugin affecting different version of Spark 2.x. The suggested fix for Spark versions <= 2.3.0 was to include the following property (depending on your topology name) in the "spark-defaults.conf" file (" Spark2 >> Config >> Custom spark2-defaults" in Ambari):


After doing this and restarting the Spark service all the "404 Non Found" errors are gone and the Service History UI seems to be working as expected.

I hope this helps to someone else and thanks to @Marco Gaido for the previous response (I saw after posting this question/answer).

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This way of changing configuration is working for me. But the issue is now cluster URL(http://<HOST>:18080/) is facing same issue.

Please let us know what to do to make both cluster URL and KNOX URL to work.

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