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How to fetch value from attribute by pass key in Nifi?


How to fetch value from attribute by pass key in Nifi?

New Contributor

I am using GetOdataSingleRequestProcessor to make odata call and getting response.

After that I am using EvaluateJsonPath processor and adding one attribute $.value in which all response coming from odata call is storing.


Now I explain my flow like one csv file is coming which is having around 50000 rows and one of the column is having string value so I would like to map string to int equivalent value from response coming from odata.

Instead of making odata call for every flow file i make single time and persist value in attribute in further i would like to fetch value by passing value from flow file.



Is there any approach availble or any inbuild processor is there or I have to write python script to find the match records?


Please suggest approach.

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