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How to find the number of tables in a database

How to find the number of tables in a database

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I am not a very expert user of Solr neither of Cloudera, so maybe my question is obvious but I cannot figure it out, sorry in advance.


I am currently using the Navigator Search API and I am interested in finding the number of tables of a database that fulfills given criteria, e.g.

type:Database AND deleted:false AND originalName:land_*_hist

When I select in Navigator any of the databases that are given back by that query I can see on the screen the number of tables, but when I do the query on the API and search through the output .json file I cannot see any metadata related to the properties/characteristics of the database. Is it because I am not looking at what I should or is it simply because instead of saving some properties about the databases Navigator computes the number of tables to show it to me when I click on a given database after the query on Search?