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How to find the value from xml flow-file in NiFi


How to find the value from xml flow-file in NiFi

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I need help to find the value from xml file, below is the xml and i want to retrieve href value in bold/underlined, below is my response after invokeHttp. Here my requirement is to get next page URL and invoke next url to get new data and i get this new url at the end of xml flow-file. I want to loop into new URL until there is no data present in the source.

here is my xml which starts with feed and end with < feed> ==> <.feed xmlns="" xmlns:m="" xmlns:d="" xml:base="https://xxx/">


<title type="text">PartnerContactCollection</title>



<link href="PartnerContactCollection" rel="self" title="PartnerContactCollection"/>

<entry m:etag="W/"datetimeoffset'2019-04-04T17%3A54%3A50.1540090Z'"">




<title type="text">




<category term="c4codata.PartnerContact" scheme=""/>

<link href="PartnerContactCollection('00163E07D')" rel="edit" title="PartnerContact"/>

<link href="PartnerContactCollection('00163E07D')/PartnerContactSalesResponsibility" rel="" type="application/atom+xml;type=feed" title="PartnerContactSalesResponsibility"/>

<link href="PartnerContactCollection('00163E07D')/PartnerContactBusinessRoleAssignment" rel="" type="application/atom+xml;type=feed" title="PartnerContactBusinessRoleAssignment"/>

<content type="application/xml">









<link rel="next" href="$skiptoken=1001%20"/>