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How to fix problem with hbase table & regions.

How to fix problem with hbase table & regions.

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Hello, dear community. There is a non production cluster HDP 2.3.4 with active kerberos. There was a failure as a result of technical work on network equipment in the data center, which is why the cluster ended up in free space on the HDFS, all node managers became unhealthy, and hbase was not working. It was not possible to add free space at that time, so the files of one of the tables in HDFS were deleted, resulting in enough space on HDFS and all the components in the cluster were able to run, but after that, as expected, the number of Regions in Transition - 6. Regions with the status

DN1705000000: Timings, 4 \ xB2 \ x00 \ x00 \ x01i \ xDB \ xB3 \ xC8, \ x00CIp, 1556195004165.45dea4afb84fd338a2ac703193a8f2c3. state = FAILED_OPEN, ts = Fri Apr 26 20:25:09 EEST 2019 (326894s ago), server = vm-hdp-data7.bdata.ab.loc, 16020,1556284336561

How to fix this problem? hbck with different keys can not help. I tried using zookeeper-client to run rmr / hbase-secure / table / DN1705000000: Timings, which as a result issues Authentication is not valid: / hbase-secure / table / DN1705000000: Timings. Help solve the problem. Thanks a lot in advance.