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How to format INIT_SCRIPT_FILE

How to format INIT_SCRIPT_FILE


Has anybody used a script file to run the setup. The following command is supposed to do it but I can't find examples of how to format the file. basically I want an automated setup but change the ambari server to use a non-root user.

ambari-server setup --init-script-file=INIT_SCRIPT_FILE

Re: How to format INIT_SCRIPT_FILE

Super Mentor

@Rupert Bailey

- Prior to the fix [1] the the default value for "init-script-file" was pointing "/var/lib/ambari-server/resources/Ambari-DDL-Postgres-EMBEDDED-CREATE.sql".

- See [2] However i do not think that this option "init-script-file" will help in setting "non root user" for ambari.

- You can pass the amabri provided Database script to "init-script-file".

- In order to setup ambari as Non Root User you can refer to:




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