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How to get a newer version of Phoenix Client?


I know I can get a phoenix client jar in the sandbox/cluster but one of the dependency in the jar is too old. Could someone advise me the newer/latest phoenix client jar?


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If you want to use newer phoenix client on the sandbox, you need to update the whole Phoenix distribution to match server jar to client jar. But it's not guaranteed that this will work with the bundled HBase. Which dependency you are talking about? Phoenix rarely updates dependencies on 3rd party libraries, so it may come that even the latest version will have the same old dependency.


I am talking about the Guava in Phoenix Client Jar, it is rather old, version 12. The latest one is 23.

My other jar depends on version 21.

Both versions are not compatible because some functions are only available 12 or 21.

Please advise.

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HBase itself is using guava 13. So even the latest version of phoenix is using it. Are you building application that is using phoenix-core jar directly or you are using the fat phoenix-client.jar? In the last case most of the dependencies are supposed to be shaded, so there should be no problem with getting more recent version of guava in your project.