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How to get access to Hortonworks' Jira for reading

New Contributor

Hi everyone,

I am trying to read the release notes of HDF 3.0.1, there is a list of new features that leads to Hortonworks' Jira:

For exapmle, if I want to see details on the entry:

BUG-83173 – SAM UI Improvements,

I click on the link it redirects to and I see the following message:

Did you use the wrong account?

Your email address msetkin@.... doesn't have access to

We've all got more than one email address these days - are you using the right one?

If you're certain you should have access with msetkin@...., contact your administrator.


I've already checked my Atlassian account, everything looks fine.

Any suggestions how to solve this issue?


I also am unable to browse and would like to be able to.

Super Mentor

@Mikhail Setkin @David Miller is private JIRA (Others BUG-XXXXX too), so if you want to get details about this JIRA then the best way is to contact Hortonworks Support.


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