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How to get groups user is attached to in Ranger users/groups?


I know how to get the available fields from, parsing them in Python with Element Tree.

<Element 'vxUser' at 0x1453d50> 
<Element 'createDate' at 0x1453d90>
<Element 'id' at 0x1453e10>
<Element 'owner' at 0x1453e50>
<Element 'updateDate' at 0x1453e90>
<Element 'updatedBy' at 0x1453f10>	
<Element 'description' at 0x1453f50>
<Element 'firstName' at 0x1453f90>	
<Element 'lastName' at 0x1459050> 
<Element 'isVisible' at 0x1453fd0> 
<Element 'name' at 0x1459090> 
<Element 'password' at 0x14590d0> 
<Element 'userRoleList' at 0x1459110>
<Element 'userSource' at 0x1459150>

However, the ONE field in Ranger > Users that does not show is the last field in the WebUI: Group. Where is this from? I am looking for the API to get this. I would understand if I had to link some kind of ID from a field above, but I have no idea. The group in our field is an openLDAP group, if that helps.


This call http://<ip>:6080/service/xusers/users/<id>; provides groupIdList, groupNameList in the json output. Please check it out.