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How to get the Spark Streaming Tag in the Spark UI


How to get the Spark Streaming Tag in the Spark UI

I am trying to test performance of a spark streaming application that I wrote which reads/writes data to Kafka. Code is working fine but I cannot see the Streaming tab in the UI. I am using Ambari, but I am assuming this is Spark feature. I am using Spark /usr/hdp/ Please let me know if I have missed to configure anything.

I tried running the code from the Yarn Client/Yarn Cluster/local mode but same result. I saw another similar post, But I am trying to monitor when app is running and from the driver node. Still the Streaming tab is missing.

I looked at the Spark Streaming code. Wondering if there is version mismatch between Spark and Kafka or something is causing this tab to not appear. Cannot even find the error "Parent SparkUI to attach this tab to not found!"


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