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How to get the flowstatus on a Windows Apache Minifi Intsallation


I have a Apache NiFi Server i use to collect data from multiple source (Windows/Linux) where i have minifi on them setup.

On each edge minifi flow configuration i have a self-control PG that collect minifi internal statistics such as instance:health,stats,bulletins.

Where the call look like this


/opt/minifi/bin/ flowStatus instance:health,stats,bulletins  | tail -2 | head -1

So far so good - i get this data extract the json -> create an Influx Call and push it into a InfluxDb that is then displayed into Grafana, this has alerts when one Egde goes off or there is a high queue, or even the Garbage Collector on the minifi edge stats bla bla.


How do i do this in Windowzzzzz ? i am going crazy.

The .bat executables are not responding to any of the flowStatus options

I managed to do it thru Cygwin but i don`t want to setup Cygwin in all egdes.

Any ideas here on how i can achieve this ?