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How to get the list of all Hive tables available in a Database using Atlas (0.8) DSL Search ?

In Atlas 0.6 and 0.7, This Rest API command used to work perfectly to fetch the list of all tables available in one Hive database.


Let's say 100 tables are available in "default", 200 tables are in "default_raw", In such scenario, the total count of tables returned from Atlas (0.6 and 0.7) are 100 but in Atlas 0.8 I am getting 300 tables.Ideally, i should get only 100 tables. Let me know if DSL search Endpoints have been changed


Expert Contributor

The DSL end-points have not changed.

I tried it on my local dev environment and I got correct results. I have 6 hive_db and 100+ hive_table.

Is there anything I am missing?