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How to get user level metrics for Hive or YARN?


Is there any way to currently get user-level metrics for YARN jobs? I was hoping to get total amount of jobs submitted by the user and total amount of job failures.

I am also wanting to get user-level metrics for Hive queries for the same thing, total amount of queries and failures.

I was able to find information on getting user-level HDFS metrics but am struggling with these two other services.


@Josh Nicholson

If you are storing your Ranger Hive logs to HDFS and running doAs=false, you can build a hive table on to of ranger-hive logs and start querying.


select requser,count(*) from ranger_audit_event_json_tmp where TO_DATE(evttime)>='2018-05-10' group by requser;

Above query gives you number queries ran by with respective to each user from 2018-05-10.

Couple of links for creating tables:

This worked for me, hope this helps you

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