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How to handler failure state of PublishKafka in NiFi?

How to handler failure state of PublishKafka in NiFi?

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Once PublishKafka fails, then processor keeps running. Best way to stop this retrying in PublishKafka?


In case of wrong Kafka Brokers, PublishKafka Processor keeps running. How to handler this running to send the flow to failure Log Attribute.


Re: How to handler failure state of PublishKafka in NiFi?

The PublishKafka doesn't fail on broker, as you should be sending it a list of several brokers.  If your Kafka Broker is only a single node, you are missing the basics on Kafka Design.  By design this "list of brokers" or a Kafka Cluster should be high availability and at least one should always be online.   This behavior allows PublishKafka to retry through the list of brokers.




If you still want tap into the Kafka Broker failure, one idea would be to create a NiFi flow that tails your NiFi Cluster's log files looking for Error Scenario caused when a broker fails.   You could additionally program this flow to execute an API or CLI command to turn the Publish Kafka Processor off to stop it from retrying while the Kafka Cluster issue is resolved.   



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