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How to hide Zeppelin's LDAP manager password when using LdapRealm

We configured Zeppelin LDAP sync using LdapRealm class


and the password in shiro=ini is now in plain text. How can we hide it? With ActiveDirectoryRealm we can use jceks


however, ldapRealm doesn't have that field and doesn't appear to support jceks. In the source code of LdapRealm the default password is given as

ldapRealm.contextFactory.systemPassword = S{ALIAS=ldcSystemPassword}

How to create that alias?



@Predrag Minovic AFAIK this has not been implemented yet for the ldapRealm. I did also check the code and did not see the implementation around this. Regarding :

ldapRealm.contextFactory.systemPassword = S{ALIAS=ldcSystemPassword}

The above is part of java doc and not actual value in code. So this is not the actual value but just a missleading comment .


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