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How to hide the values in oozie workflow job in oozie editor/dashboard?

In file i have hard coded oracle DB username and password for sqoop action and that will pick by workflow.xml file while running. The problem is in the oozie editor/dashboard if i see the running job sqoop action, in the configuration tab i could see the DB username and password visible.

i want to make DB username and password in the oozie configuration tab as hidden value or hastrik. is it possible to do that? if yes can anyone please suggest the solution.



I think you can consider using password file. Here is an example command that specifies the password file in the local file system:

 sqoop import --connect jdbc:mysql:// \     --username venkatesh --passwordFile ${user.home}/.password

You can store the password file either in local or in hdfs. The file permission should be 400. For you case, I suggest you store it in hdfs then no matter which nodemanger host runs you job, it will be able to access the password file.

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