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How to increase DataNode filesystem size

How to increase DataNode filesystem size

New Contributor

We have a small cluster for testing. I used lvm for the filesystems on the datanodes. I increased the size of the lv on the datanodes but the NameNode has not picked up the change.

I tried hdfs dfsadmin -refreshNodes

I also decommissioned the node and then recommissioned it.

The NameNode still does not see the additional space.


Re: How to increase DataNode filesystem size

Can you try restarting HDFS service and then check the same? I have not tried it though, but other option would be to try below:

First check datanode info :

hdfs dfsadmin -getDatanodeInfo <datanode_host:ipc_port> Then refresh Namenode for that datanode. hdfs dfsadmin -refreshNamenodes datanodehost:port
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