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How to increase LLAP concurent sessions

Right now on a 10 node cluster I am able to run only 4 concurrent LLAP sessions. But I want to handle more than 20 concurrent users on LLAP. How can I achieve this ?

I tried to increase the property - Max total concurrent queries from 4 to 5(which is not recommended, Ambari page does recommends not use more than 4 concurrent queries). My queries started failing when I set the property to 5 concurrent sessions. Is there any work around for this problem.


Hi @vishwa

You can use Ambari to increase the number of concurrent queries. Look after this bar in Hive Interactive settings


Adding a new session requires starting a Tez Application Master. Make sure that you have enough memory allocated to LLAP to add this AM.


Hi @Abdelkrim Hadjidj

I have given 90% of my cluster to LLAP yet I can see the maximum value in the bar to be only 4. What is memory property which you want me to change so that I can have more sessions

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Following information may help in figuring out why 4 as max. is recommended.

- HIVE page > tez-interactive-site/

- HIVE page > hive.tez.container.size

- YARN Page > Number of Node Managers

- YARN page > yarn.nodemanager.resource.memory-mb

- YARN page > yarn.scheduler.minimum-allocation-mb

- YARN page > yarn.nodemanager.resource.cpu-vcores

- Queue percent for the queue used for LLAP.

Screenshot of Hove Server Interactive (HSI) page (where from we enable HSI) to know about the current set values.

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