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How to insert data into Hive from SparkSQL


How to insert data into Hive from SparkSQL

New Contributor

Below is my code

import sqlContext.implicits._

import org.apache.spark.sql

val eBayText = sc.textFile("/user/cloudera/spark/servicesDemo.csv")

val hospitalDataText = sc.textFile("/user/cloudera/spark/servicesDemo.csv")

val header = hospitalDataText.first()

val hospitalData = hospitalDataText.filter(a=>a!=header)

case class Services(uhid:String,locationid:String,doctorid:String)

val hData =",")).map(p=>Services(p(0),p(1),p(2)))

val hosService = hData.toDF()


This code created 'hosdata' folder at specified path, which contains data in 'parquet' format.

But when i went to hive and check table got created or not the, i did not able to see any table name as 'hosdata'.

So i run below commands.


sqlContext.sql("show tables").show

shows me below result


| tableName|isTemporary|


| hosdata| false|


But again when i check in hive, i can not see table 'hosdata'

Could anyone let me know what step i am missing?