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How to install Nifi on existing HDP - Ambari


How to install Nifi on existing HDP - Ambari

I already have 4 node HDP Ambari(In Ubuntu v16) cluster running in my server , now I want to install nifi on my cluster.

Please suggest how to proceed with this HDF installation.


Hi @Naveenraj Devadoss

I've just done it on HDP 3.1 cluster.

Create a new database on postgres (we use postgres for managment database) for registry :

create database registry;
CREATE USER registry WITH PASSWORD 'registry';
GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON DATABASE "registry" to registry;

Download hdf-ambari-mpack-<version>.tar.gz on your admin node in /tmp dir

Install mpack :

ambari-server install-mpack --mpack=/tmp/hdf-ambari-mpack- --verbose

Then go to ambari, indicate the HDF base URL on Stack & Version and just add HDF services (NiFi, NiFi registry, Schema Registry).