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How to install Ranger on the existing embedded Postgres SQL?


Hello Everybody,

Wanting Ranger to be installed raises more questions than answer. There is already a Question out there under:

But its was never answered properly.

Here are my Questions:

1. I want to install Ranger on the same embedded PostgresQl Database which i use for Ambari. Is that possible?

My embedded Postgres i 8.4.20 while the Ranger needs 9.13+. Is there a way to upgrade the embedded postgres without breaking / destroying the cluster?

As mentioned in the Post i pasted, you should install an standalone database for Ranger. Is that correct?

2. If i install, lets sy Mysql on a diffrerent host, is Ambari able to handle itself in the embedded postgres database AND can handle Ranger on its own MySQL Database?

3. What happens if i need to configure the jdbc driver towards the new Mysql Database for Ranger in the meantime with my Ambari on the embedded postgres? Will it break instantly, destroying my cluster after setting the jdbc driver path or will both work in parallel?

Meaning Ambari runs on the embedded postgres and Ranger runs on the extra MySQL ?

4. My Ambari-Server is already kerberized. Does this break anything regarding jdbc setup or new databases?

Thanks in Advance,

Best Regards,



Cloudera Employee

Ranger use postgres through EclipseLink/JPA/JDBC layer, without any too tricky SQL, so I doubt, that it would fail on PostgreSQL 8.x. So I would just follow the guide, add the postgres jdbc driver to ranger, grant the necessary rights for ranger to access the database, and run the scheme setup.

Cloudera Employee

@Normen Zoch, which version of Ranger you are trying for installation with Postgres 8.4. Ranger does support Postgres 8.4, please check this documentation


Hello Guys,

Thanks for the answer, but im still confused and need to clarify my questions further.

The entire Cluster setup contains 7 nodes. My Ambari Server is setup with the embedded postgres which came up as the default for db.

Now for the Ranger Installation, its to be intended to study, learn and educate and handle Ranger, so its not intended to be a production system.

Thats why i have to ask again and sorry for not getting it clear so far:

1. Can i install Ranger on the embedded postgres database which already houses my ambari server? Do is till need to setup that ambari-server jdbc setup?

2. If i cannot do that and i have to install Ranger on/with a seperated Database, what happends if i setup the jdbc clients to my Ambari in my embedded Postgres? Will it both work in parallel? Ambari in the embedded postgres and Ranger with the seperated DB using jdbc? Or will it break and destroy my cluster?

Thank you,


Cloudera Employee

@Normen Zoch, if you can share the version of Ambari and HDP you are trying to setup as well!!

Hi @Normen Zoch, Technically speaking you can install Ranger Admin database on the Ambari Postgres database, however, if you are on a version of Ranger supporting audit to database, and if you want to do audit to the same Ambari database, then I won't do it, even for learning, because heavy audit can slow down Ambari. If you want to use Ranger db only for Admin, and audit to Solr and HDFS then it's fine. You can re-run the jdbc setup, it won't do any damage, that's just a jdbc connector jar. You can also install a separate database dedicated for Ranger, either on Postgres or Mysql. And again, setting up jdbc for either of them won't do any damage, and Ambari and Ranger will work well on parallel on respective databases.

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