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How to leverage Hive Index

How to leverage Hive Index

New Contributor

I have a partitioned hive fact table, and created an index on columnA. The generated index files are partitioned in the same way as data files on HDFS.


What do I need to do to leverage the index when executing a query such as


select * from TableA where columnA="valueA" and partition_key="keyValue".



I read some paper what generate compact file from index file, and specify as hive.index.compact.file ="..."


This practice might work for non-partitioned table.


Whether hive execution engine is smart enough to pick up index file automatically?




Re: How to leverage Hive Index

New Contributor



There are a couple of steps to be done to be able to use an index.


Also multiple index use, I still cannot do.


You can check the following links for furhter information.


Hope it helps,



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