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How to limit MapReduce port range


I'm working with a client that needs to limit the map reduce job's port range due to security constraints. I'm running ambari and HDP 3.1.0 (MapReduce2 - I created a custom setting through Ambari > MapReduce2 > Configs > Advanced > custom mapred-site: with the value set to 50000-55000. It doesn't seem like the setting has any impact. I still observe the m/r jobs trying to connect using a port outside of that range. Eventually the job does succeed but only after many retries.


I've seen other posts on this that indicate to use this setting, but for some reason this configuration setting doesn't seem to work for me. Therefore I decided to repost in the hopes that maybe I'm overlooking something?

I gather this issue has been fixed in the version I'm running. Any ideas or suggestions are very much appreciated, thank you!