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How to list Each component version details



Where i can find the list of hadoop component versions in XML if not possible.please share some curl command to get.

I need like hdfs :2.7 yarn: 2.5 hive 1.2.01 kind of

waiting for the response



@suresh krishRefer to below thread, it returns Json response to get version for each component.


Can i get if from any of the xml file.. here i need to provide each and every service seperately every time

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@suresh krish

Ambari APIs responses only in Json format. if you need an xml file for a specific service of a specific HDP stack by which you can get service's version then it would be metainfo.xml file for that service.

you can fetch such service's metainfo.xml from ambari-server host at location


Please substitute $StackVersion and $serviceName with actual desired values. For example:


The same can be browsed on github at link