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How to manually add new hdfs datanode on a new host?

How to manually add new hdfs datanode on a new host?


Hi to all!


I am facing one problem. I successfully installed Cloudera Manager 5.12 and CDH5 by using parcels on my host. I have root access on this host. Now, I would like to add more hosts (different IP address) to my cluster to have more datanodes for HDFS, but on this hosts, I do not have root access (I just have my personal folder there), so I cannot use Cloudera Manager to add new host.


Now, what should I do? I think I need to install CDH5 manually on the "slave" host, correct? Is it possible to do it without sudo and without internet access? I am not sure which path I should follow.


Then, what do I need to setup so I would point my "master" host to the "slave" host if I would like to use Cloudera Manager for it? Or do I need to change some configuration files manully so Cloudera Manager would see the new host?


My idea about Cloudera Express was like to have one Cloudera Manager and one CDH on one host and then on the other hosts just have data nodes for HDFS.


Thank you for any help!

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