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How to monitor resources of impala queue, resource utilization of Impala?

Hi Friends,
I want to get ImplaUtilization values in my java programme and for that I got REST API


But I can not invoke this REST API as it is only available with Cloudera Manager Enterprise Edition.

How can I get below details/values without invoking above REST API? 
I am expecting below values -


(*) totalQueries (*) successfulQueries (*) oomQueries (*) timeOutQueries (*) rejectedQueries (*) successfulQueriesPercentage (*) oomQueriesPercentage (*) timeOutQueriesPercentage (*) rejectedQueriesPercentage (*) avgWaitTimeInQueue (*) peakAllocationTimestampMS (*) maxAllocatedMemory (*) maxAllocatedMemoryPercentage (*) utilizedAtMaxAllocated (*) utilizedAtMaxAllocatedPercentage (*) peakUsageTimestampMS (*) maxUtilizedMemory (*) maxUtilizedMemoryPercentage (*) allocatedAtMaxUtilized (*) allocatedAtMaxUtilizedPercentage (*) distributionUtilizedByImpalaDaemon (*) distributionAllocatedByImpalaDaemon (*) tenantUtilizations (*) errorMessage

Or any other RESP API is available to get above details, might be not a single API?