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How to move CM 5.10 with Embedded DB between two identically configured Linux hosts ...

Hello Friends:


I have two virtually identical Linux hosts configured, and I want to move CM 5.10 from one host to the other.


The cloudera cluster is completely shut down.


As on the source host, the destination host already has the correct cloudera-manager-*.rpm packages installed:



I assume this move should be a straight-forward combination of copying over files/directories and editing files on the destination host; and possibly on the cluster nodes, too (for example, to update name/IP information after the switch).


Note that I have read numerous Cloudera documents on this topic, but none of them seem 100% correct (or possibly are just too old for CM v5.10).


For example, a v5.6 document (I can't post the URL here) entitled, "Moving the Cloudera Manager Server to a New Host", mentions copying over:



but is curiously silent about this directory:



I would think that should be included, too, among other items, but I could be wrong.


And that's the problem... I don't know whether these documenta are wrong, or simply pertain to older versions of CM.


(The above is just an example of several). =:)


Rather than guess, I was hoping fellow members can help me with a step-by-step. I suspect it's sequence of copy steps and vi(1) steps.


Thank you much in advance! =:)