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How to put RDBMS data to hive using nifi

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I want to load mysql data to Hive. I used the following processor

QueryDatabaseTable -> PutHiveStreaming

In QueryDatabaseTable the database Connection Pooling service used is DBCPconnectionPool. In PuthiveStreaming the HiveMetastoreURI I given is thrift://myownIP:9083

and created a ORC table in hive

CREATE TABLE employeeacid (empno int, ename string,job string, mgr int,hiredate string, sal int, comm int, deptno int) CLUSTERED BY(empno) INTO 3 BUCKETS STORED AS ORC TBLPROPERTIES ('transactional'='true');

while running the error I am getting is

putHiveStreaming[id....] Error writing[org.apache.nifi.processors.hive.putHivestreaming...] to Hivestreaming transaction due to

I refered this link ""

@Ryan Cicak Could any one please advise on this.



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Can you share your PutHiveStreaming configuration? Are you using a core-site.xml or hdfs-site.xml as resources to the processor? If so, does it refer to "quickstart.cloudera" anywhere? Also what version of CDH Hive are you connecting to?

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