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How to query data in hive based on condition which can accept be given by third party tool

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I have a dashboard for reporting. I wan to create customized report from the data stored in hive. when user selects some parameters and based on that parameter the data should be fetch from Hive and report will be generate by reporting tool.

This is possible or not ? If yes than how can i achieve ?

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@heta desai

What BI tool are you using? Depending on the tool you will need to create a role with select privilege on that underlying database and give that role to the user to generate the report.

Most BI tools use ODBC/JDBC to connect with hive you can using LDAP to manage the groups who can create dashboards makes the work the users/groups more manageable.

Powerful Hortonworks Hive ODBC driver from progress

Hortonworks ODBC downloads



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@Geoffrey Shelton Okot

I am using SSRS. I am trying to connect Hortonworks Hive ODBC driver to connect Hive with SSRS. But i am facing some issue.

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@Geoffrey Shelton Okot

When i need to accept some parameter from third party application/portal and needs data from hive based on that parameter how can i perform ?