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How to read propertydescriptor value in custom processor


How to read propertydescriptor value in custom processor

New Contributor

I am building an custom processor to process flow file , to process the flow file i need to read an CSV file from my local file system. I created an proerty descriptor CSV_PATH as follows

public static final PropertyDescriptor CSV_PATH = new PropertyDescriptor

.Builder().name("CSV Path")

.displayName("CSV Path")

.description("CSV Path Reader")





protected void init(final ProcessorInitializationContext context) {

final List<PropertyDescriptor> descriptors = new ArrayList<PropertyDescriptor>();



this.descriptors = Collections.unmodifiableList(descriptors);

final Set<Relationship> relationships = new HashSet<Relationship>();


this.relationships = Collections.unmodifiableSet(relationships);


Now I wants to get the value of CSV_PATH property set in UI while configuring processor. I am not getting the way to read that value.


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