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How to remove ambari-agent from host?

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Hi. I want to change ambari-agent user to non-root. Documentation says that I should manually install ambari-agent. What if I installed it using Ambari (it is not manually install)? Do I have to remove ambari-agent and install it manually then to configure it for non-root user?


Cloudera Employee

@Mateusz Grabowski

You don't need to remove the ambari-agent. You can create a dedicated user for ambari agent, like "ambari" user.

Then grant sudo permission to that user, and config the ambari agent property in the /etc/ambari-agent/conf/ambari-agent.ini file, as illustrated below:


There is a reference for how to configure an ambari agent for non-root

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Thanks for the answer.

But the problem is that when I changed parameter:


I could not run a couple of services, for example Oozie:


I noticed that te ambari-agent does not have permission to directory:


This is how the directory looks like:


The question is - what I should do? Remove ambari-agent and install it again or simple chown is enough?

chown -R ambari-pkt /var/lib/ambari-agent<br>