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How to remove my account (profile) from this site

How to remove my account (profile) from this site

New Contributor

Does anybody know how to remove an account from this site? Any help is really appreciate. Thank you


Re: How to remove my account (profile) from this site

Expert Contributor

Hi @Argin  We will be happy to address your concern and guide you to resolve your issue.But we would like to ask if any specific reason to do unsubscribe?


Apart - you can follow below steps to unsubscribe your account  -


  1. You might be receiving emails to the "email id" which you have registered for your account.
  2. If you open any one of the email then at the bottom you can see as below -
  3. Click on "Manage your subscriptions" and it will take you to the other screen below -
  4. Click on "check all" and "Delete Selected subscription" if you do not want to receive any email
  5. Also click on "Notifications" tab and take appropriate actions as below -
  6. Finally click on "PERSONAL" and check the box as below -

Re: How to remove my account (profile) from this site

Community Manager

Following up on this. @Argin, if the information from @sagarshimpi does not meet your needs you can request your account be deleted . The information is listed on Cloudera's Privacy and Data Policies page section for "How can I lodge a complaint?".


There you will find the following instructions:


How can I lodge a complaint?

We commit to investigating and resolving complaints about our collection or use of your personal data. To make a complaint, contact us at

Clearly state the following to help us address the issue effectively:

  • The specific data privacy complaint (please provide as much detail as possible including country, your understanding of the data privacy infringement and issues, redress requested);

  • Your full name and how we can contact you;

  • Any previous correspondence on this specific data privacy issue.


Cy Jervis, Manager, Community Program

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