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How to resize a YARN node?

How to resize a YARN node?

New Contributor

I have a yarn cluster with small nodes running on ec2. I resized the ec2 instance to have much more cores and memory. I then would like the ResourceManager to recognize the resized node. I have tried different things (decommision/recommission the node, deleting the node then add the role back etc.) but the node is still showing the previous vcore and memory for this node, even though in cloudera manager view the monitor shows the updated cores and memory. I'm new to YARN but how to force YARN to recognize the new instance type?


Re: How to resize a YARN node?

Super Collaborator

The NM loads its configuration  on startup and then reregisters with the RM. So the only thing that should be needed is update the configuration in CM for the node(s) and restart the NM service on the nodes. I have done that numerous times and it always works.



Re: How to resize a YARN node?

Champion Alumni

I have only changed the disk size within amazon and I had to do a resize2fs in order to be recognised in the OS. 

After I had all the disk visible for the OS, it was automaticly recognized in Cloudera after I started the instances. 

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