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How to resolve Pig error : File Not Found Exception?


I'm trying to run a script through Pig View. I attached my script details in script.png.

When i run this script i got the error mentioned in error.png through /var/log/ambari-server/pig-view/pig-view.log.

The directory /user/admin/pig/jobs/ exists on HDFS and i've set 777 to this directory as mentioned in hdfs.png.

I access to Ambari UI with admin as username.

How can i resolve this issue?

I'll be really grateful if someone could help me.


Super Mentor


Which version of ambari are you using?

Can you please try on the latest version of ambari Like ambari 2.6 Or Ambari 2.5

I see a similar issue was reported earlier :


@Jay Kumar SenSharma

Thank you for your quick reply. My ambari version is Version

I'll check the link above and I'll give you my feedback.

@Jay Kumar SenSharma

I checked the link and i verified that cache is set to false in app.js.

So, what could be the cause of my issue?

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