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How to restrict user to access to specific tables/databases in hive(Hortonworks)

I have created a user in hadoop cluster. Now i want to give access to particular set of database/tables in Hive. 

Is it possible to restrict a user to view particular set of tables/databases.

If possible how can i give access?







Yes, that's possible with Apache Ranger is a centralized security framework for enabling, monitoring, and managing the comprehensive data security across the Hadoop platform. It provides a mechanism to manage the security from a single pane for various components you can control fine-grained access to various components of the Hadoop ecosystem.
Once the Ranger plugins have been enabled then you can control the various aspects for these HDP services the list below is not exhaustive between version 2.6.x and 3.1.x
Note: the Kafka plugin can only be enabled after kerberizing your cluster !!

  • HDFS
  • Hive
  • HBase
  • Kafka
  • Knox
  • YARN
  • Storm

Enable Ranger Hive plugin

The first step is to install Ranger in my case it's already done and the plugins enabled on HDP- but the screenshot shows you where to toggle to enable so you delegate the authorization to Ranger

This link  ranger-hive authorization walks you through that procedure

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